Real estate agents play various roles such as salesperson, analyst, negotiator, executive director, buyer's advocate, marketer, and consultant to name a few. 

It is imperative that buyers and sellers find knowledgeable and reliable Vancouver real estate agent who effectively buy or sell their properties.

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Here are the top targeting tips.

1. Knowledge

Experienced and reliable real estate agents will always try to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and learn the latest real estate strategies and market trends.

2. Well connected to the network

It is known that trustworthy and reliable real estate agents have a diverse and extensive network of other professionals in the local market, which usually includes other local real estate agents, potential sellers, and buyers, home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage lenders, etc.

3. Local housing market

An established and reliable real estate agent will always appreciate the nature of the local real estate market and use the nuances of their pricing strategy to differentiate themselves from the other players in the arena.

4. Right information

Expect a good realtor to pay sufficient attention to every little detail of your home. The person must be able to carry out all the necessary research on the property to collect and organize all the required information in an efficient and orderly manner.