Lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that attach to your natural lashes. Lash extensions rose in popularity in the U.S. when they were introduced in the early 2000s.

Mink lashes are the perfect way to gain a seductive finish to your favorite glam moments. You can get them in different materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and curls. You can even get extensions for all or some of your lashes.

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Here are the tips to prepare for a lash extension appointment:

1. Real Mink Eyelash Extensions

Real mink is a luxurious material thats popular with celebrities. These lash extensions are made of real mink fur and have a natural, light, and airy look. The lightness makes this material last longer than synthetic materials.

However, real mink lashes are among the most expensive materials and they require regular curling since they dont come curled. You can also run into irritation or redness if youre allergic to animal fur.

2. Sable Eyelash Extensions

Sable eyelash extensions are made with real sable fur. Sables are animals found in Russia, Siberia, and parts of Asia. These types of eyelash extensions are the thinnest material you can find and work great with thin lashes.

Sable lashes have a wispy appearance and wont weigh down your natural lashes. Youll need to ask around for sable lashes since theyre not as widely used as mink.