Roof damage can be caused by small leaks, rust, or even ice dams. This is a serious problem as it makes your home more vulnerable to the weather. You can take affordable and effective protection measures. Make sure you get the best and use them promptly.

You should conduct a full inspection of your home in spring and fall if you live in an area that experiences frequent winter storms and cold temperatures. You should inspect your home before hurricane season hits if you live in an area where hurricanes are frequent. To protect your gutters from blockage you can find a top gutter solution from various online resources.

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Watch out for any missing, damaged, or curling parts when you stand up. Examine the metal components and sections for signs of rust. Attention to fungus or algae growths. 

These small spots can range in color from grey to green. Also, make sure to check the flashing. It should be solid. You should inspect the mortar and/or caulking to see if cracks are present.

Roof repair should be done immediately if you spot any problems. You will be better protected if you act quickly. You will also save money by doing this.

You should not do this as branches can fall during storms or heavy snowfalls and cause significant damage to your roof. To be safe and to look good, you will need to work with a professional who can safely trip the trees.