Commercial refrigeration of your restaurant is a business investment – and should be viewed like any other investment. While you can clean your home refrigerator every few months, commercial refrigerators need to be cleaned regularly. You can also get the best commercial case washing services through various online sources.

Try to clean your refrigerator once a week and schedule it according to the employee's weekly tasks so that it becomes a habit. If food spills in a commercial refrigerator, try to clean the inside immediately. Once a week, try to remove dust from your refrigerator, both on the flat top and side panels, which is often overlooked when cleaning cabinets.

While weekly cleaning of your commercial refrigerator may seem like a drag, it can significantly extend the life of your refrigerator.

Here are some steps to clean your commercial refrigerator unit :

Step 1: First turn off the refrigerator unit, then unpack the entire contents into the freezer or another refrigerator to prevent produce warming.

Step 2: Use an all-purpose cleaner and a non-abrasive cleaning cloth; Clean the entire device inside and out. Rinse the cleaning cloth with water and wipe again.

Step 3: Use a surface disinfectant to completely cover the inside and outside of the heat sink. Wipe with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.

Step 4: Once the refrigerator is dry, replace any unpacked products – carefully inspect each product for leaks. As a final cleaning step, take the vacuum cleaner to the rear vent to remove dust build-up.