A general tooth removal procedure needs 5-30 minutes of time to complete the procedure. The procedure which is required for tooth extraction is as follows: A tool is utilized by the dental experts to elevate the severe ligament fibers which are attached to the teeth to the socket. There are many clinics like txoss that provide tooth extraction services in Colleyville.

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Once the fibers are severed, some proper forceps are choosing for tooth engagement to be eliminated. After this, using forceps, the teeth are then removed carefully. The dental experts ensure that the teeth should be removed completely from the mouth. 

Extracting tooth: Possible Reasons

Generally, in the cases when tooth damage or tooth breakage occurs due to tooth decay, the dental experts attempt to repair the teeth using various ways like fixing a crown, filling or etc. Though there are some scenarios in which the damage to the teeth is so much that it is not easy to repair and in these cases, the dentist has no choice other than to remove the teeth. 

Types of the tooth extraction procedure

Simple extractions: This procedure is done on teeth that are externally visible in the mouth and which can easily be performed by general dental experts. The dental experts use local anesthesia prior to the tooth extracts.

Surgical extractions: This procedure is done on teeth that are not easy to access, it happens in the case in which the tooth is erupted partially or is broken under the gum.