Pink Himalayan salt is a unique type of rock salt mined only in the Himalayan Mountains of India. The rock salt naturally has a bright pink tint because of mineral impurities. It's mostly used as an ornamental salt, as table salt, or as a cosmetic ingredient in many other food preparations, as well as for spa and kitchen treatments.

The Pink Himalayan salt comes in two different grades, coarse grade and fine grade. The fine grade is usually softer than coarse, making it perfect for use in cooking recipes and as part of spa and kitchen preparations. The finer grade may not react with other ingredients or may discolor if exposed to too much heat.

Himalayan pink salt may be used for many purposes, depending on its grade. The coarse grade can be used simply as part of a recipe, or can be added to an ordinary dish, such as asparagus. It's ideal for seasoning raw vegetables, meats, fish, and nuts.

The fine grade Himalayan salt can be used to give your food a special color, such as red pepper flakes, or to make your food taste better. In addition to using it in dishes, it can be sprinkled over vegetables before baking to create interesting garnishes. In addition, it can be used to make table salt look like more fancy salt than it really is.

When you buy the pink Himalayan rock salt, it will come in a plastic or ceramic bowl that contains a cap and screw on lid. It's easy to store and it makes it very easy to clean your bowl with soap and water after use.

To use the salt, first crush it to get out all the tiny pieces. Then add a teaspoonful to a glass of water and let it dissolve for a minute or two before drinking. It works best when used to season foods that don't need any kind of cooking or heating. As a general rule, use the salt to season meats, grains, vegetables, soups and stews, rice, and baked dishes, or desserts.

If you don't want to use the salt as a cooking ingredient, you can use it to create a unique look for your home by decorating with pink Himalayan salt crystals. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and hues, so it's easy to find the ones that fit your decor.

The pink Himalayan can be added to your bath water to make a great bath splash or for an aromatherapy bath. Just sprinkle a small amount on a towel and you have a relaxing bath.

Himalayan salt is used as a great floor coatings and has beautiful flecks in it that look lovely on ceramic tile and tiles. It's also great for patios, decks, porches and more. It's a great natural, stain resistant floor coating.

When you buy the pink Himalayan, make sure you know what type of stone it is. It is either an opal a quartz crystal, or some other kind of crystal. The best way to identify a specific rock is to look at it under a microscope.

If you have any questions about the stone, be sure to ask the retailer. They should be able to help you determine what type of rock it is, as well as help you buy it.

You can buy pink Himalayan salt in bulk online from a variety of retailers. There are some websites that will ship your purchase straight to your door. Others will send your purchase through the post to save you money. So, make sure you do your homework when it comes to buying this product online.

This pink Himalayan salt is a beautiful accent to any home. It comes in a variety of colors that will change the look and feel of your place. There is something for every decorating theme.