What is a gas mask

The gas mask is a device made by an American named Garrett Morgan, in 1914. The gas mask was designed to only protect someone from poisonous, toxic, and quite deadly gases. How it works is that it simply covers and seals itself around someones face.

It covers the mouth, nose, and sometimes eyes. Depending on the type of gas mask you have, it will provide fresh and pure oxygen through a tube connected from the mask to the respirator that holds and contains purified oxygen.  Find out more about gas masks on https://www.gasmaskpro.com/

Evolution of gas masks

They evolved by simply at first just being rags, or sponges, that were soaked in anti-chemical gas for the soldiers who had to hold over their mouth and nose. Then they moved to the safety hood and smoke protector. Then over to an actual gas mask of some sort like we have now but less “detailed” made out of cheaper materials as well as being more simple designed.

Meaning, the ones they had back then were just either a tube connected to the gas mask on one end and the other connected to a container which contained and held the purified oxygen. The eye protection aspect of the mask was very weak and could easily be broken or cracked which can have the gases seep through and into the mask without the person wearing the mask being aware of it.

Now-a-days, the masks are stronger with the eye protection goggle-like design. Plus you do not have to carry a somewhat large container for the purified oxygen with you as you wear the mask.