Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful tourist destination in the Quinto Roo, Mexico. It is one of a famous beach town that offers all the luxury facilities to its visitors. You can enjoy endless white-sand beaches, turquoise blue sea, Caribbean coastline, seafood, and historic places.

It is a great place to escape from the crowd and spending quality time with nature. If you are thinking of traveling coastline beaches and exotic island places, then book the best private yacht charter in Playa Del Carmen at


There are plenty of things you can do to explore the real Playa Del Carmen  

In playa del Carmen, you can visit archeological sites that are famous for their impressive structures built decades ago. You can click pictures and take selfies with ancient sculptures to keep as a memory. Seeing ancient places, statues and caves is an incredible experience for every visitor. 

Swimming with dolphins is also a great thing that every visitor should try at least ones. Swimming in beaches with dolphins is totally safe. Other than this, you can also enjoy water activities like boating, rafting, sailing, snorkeling, and many more.

Visitors can visit restaurants and shopping areas. Seafood, traditional Mexican food is a specialty of every restaurant. A trip is incomplete without dining at the restaurant.

Visit eco-parks that are clean and safe for everyone. In parks, you can expect, fun water activities, separated areas for playing games, pine trees, food stall, sea tracking, etc