The delivery of marijuana is as simple as it sounds: you can order your products online and have them delivered to your home. Delivery services for marijuana are legal and available to anyone 21 years old or older in California, Nevada, Oregon.

Arizona, Colorado, and Maine require registration as a medical marijuana caregiver or consumer. Delivery time and possession restrictions may apply. These limits can range from one ounce per strain up to a supply of 70 days. Thus, you can avail the best weed delivery services in Palmdale.


Delivery services may require a residential address rather than a random address. Separate registration may be required for the delivery service. You will need to have proper identification in all cases.

Delivery services are available in some states. Medical marijuana registration can often provide special discounts and tax waivers for users. Some states may be more restrictive than others and may place restrictions on visiting customers. 

You can verify any applicable laws online to do your research. After you have registered and been approved, you can start shopping. Many delivery companies offer a website and an app that can be downloaded. 

Customers can browse products such as flowers, edibles, and tinctures, pre-rolls and topicals, CBDs, and accessories once they have logged into the app or website. Once you have made your selections and purchased online, the dispenser will contact you to confirm the products and set a delivery date.