The use of timber for windows is in practice for several decades and is expected to continue for many generations to come. Because when it comes to security for your home, office, or any other place the durability and reliability offered by the Heyden Frame & Truss by building the timber windows. 

This interesting feature associated with timber is that it can be designed in any shape depending on the architecture of the place, and thus to changes in the weather pattern design timber windows have undergone great changes. 

A more interesting feature associated with timber is by applying paint at regular intervals and it requires no specific maintenance to develop windows, it can survive for long.

When painting wood applies the multilayer painting will be useful to keep the color for a long time. However, the paint on the windows by the company for the first time continues for nearly eight years.

It would be interesting to know that timber windows are not only installed on the outside of all places but also inside of the place, especially in the living room, bedroom, study room, toilet, kitchen, etc.

However, the use of timber sash windows is highly preferred by architectures, because the windows with a belt option facilitate smooth light and ventilation inside the place where they are installed. These windows manufacturing experts enrich the opening with the necessary support that is needed to enhance their rigidity.