If you lease properties to other people You must declare your rental income when you file your taxes. However, you are able to deduct or deduct, the cost of renting – the money you paid for your services like the one who rents out the property and reduces the tax liability. A lot of expenses are deducted during the year that you spend the money, however, depreciation differs.

Depreciation is a method through which you can take deductions from the costs of purchasing or renovating the rental property. Depreciation spreads the costs over the life span of the property. Imagine you purchase a building for rental.

Instead of taking one huge tax deduction in the year, you purchased the property, you could be able to take a percentage of the price for the structure as a less depreciation deduction every year. However, you can also get a tax depreciation quote via Archi-QS a well-known firm for giving advice to people on how to manage money efficiently.

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Depreciable property:

To be eligible for a deduction to the depreciation of an investment property, it must satisfy certain criteria. As per the IRS:

  • The property must be yours and not be renting it or borrowing the property from anyone else.
  • The property must be used to earn income — in this instance the case of renting it.

Depreciating improvements:

The list of possible improvements is endless, but the most popular improvements are:

  • Garages, new additions, or new garages
  • New systems are installed like air conditioning or heating
  • Replacing the roof
  • Installing wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Making accessibility improvements for accessibility, like ramps for wheelchairs