Vinyl siding installation is a better choice than other types of siding for many reasons. Vinyl siding is more expensive than other types of siding, but it will last for years and look great. Power washing is a must, as well as occasional anti-fungal treatments. This overview will help you to be a better consumer and communicate with your contractor. You can find online help from

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The plan and the selection

Although choosing vinyl siding may seem easy, you need to be careful. Talk to your contractor to discuss the different styles and options available. You have many siding options, other than a horizontal plank. Before you sign a contract, make sure to look at all the options and styles. 

The surface preparation

Next, you need to prepare the surface. This involves more than simply having a wallboard on which to attach vinyl siding. To install vinyl siding, you attach tracks or use pre-attached tracks to place sections. A siding must cover an exterior wall, which might require thermal wrap or a vapor barrier. 


You can install the opening and end trim pieces either before or after installing vinyl siding. It is preferred by many companies to apply it first, as it allows them to see if any vinyl pieces are too short. A full day can be spent trimming around doors and windows. The corner trim is often installed the same day as the wall. 


Vinyl siding is much easier to install than other types of siding. The process consists mainly of cleaning up the waste. Sometimes, the contractor will also pre cut pieces of scrap material to be used as repair material. Keep a small amount of siding.