The earliest RVs are used by showmen and circus performers who constantly search for new audiences in different locations. They use the vehicle as a shelter during their journey and as storage for their tools and props.

A good example is a caravan used by the main characters of the 1998 animated film, A Bug's Life. In the movie, the RV was used flexibly as a shelter, storage, and stage background. You can buy new Recreational Vehicles for sale through various online resources.

Depending on the equipped amenities, an RV can be used not only for recreation but also for full-time living. In fact, many people have already retailed their properties to buy RVs to enjoy traveling at the same time living in their homes.

An RV should not be confused with a mobile home that is stationary like any residential building but is prefabricated in a factory before transporting to a certain location.

There are different types and categories of RVs distinguished by the living space and amenities they are equipped with. Buses converted into an RV and equipped with luxurious features belong to Class A. The Classes B and C include campervan or vans that are converted into RVs, and motor homes – RVs that most resemble a home – respectively.