According to a report by a market research firm, approximately 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced worldwide every day, and the average person discards about 415 cotton swabs each year. It is clear that choosing reusable cotton is an eco-friendly option that can reduce your environmental footprint as well as your costs.

Here's what you need to know more about reusable cotton swabs.

What are reusable Q-tips?

As the name suggests, reusable cotton swabs are designed to be used multiple times, unlike the more popular brands which are single-use. Eco-friendly q-tips are usually made of plastic like a silicone-shaped spatula that can be washed between uses.

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What are the benefits of using some Q tips?

The environment is better without the billions of single-use plastic items being poured onto the planet every day.

Plastic cotton swabs meant for single-use won't fall apart once they leave the ear. While some of them are produced from paper twigs and are biodegradable, they add to a growing problem with landfills. When plastic tampons are washed or disposed of, they end up in drains like microplastic. 

However, they can be consumed by marine life such as phytoplankton in the ocean, which can then be eaten by larger species such as fish, oysters, and whales. These microplastics can lodge in the digestive tracts of these animals, preventing their ability or desire to swallow food, and unavoidably prompting them to weaken and die.