Magnetic therapy is a growing field of medicine that harnesses the power of magnets to deliver meaningful treatment. While the current research is new, magnets have been used in health for millennia. Over 2,000 years ago, Asian and European folk healers used magnets with the belief that they could actively pull out impurities and diseases from the body.

Magnetic field therapy refers to applying magnets to the body as a means of bringing about any sort of physiological change. Static field magnetic therapy is the most well-known form of biomagnetic therapy. It involves placing magnets in contact with the skin and has led to the production of magnetic bracelets, jewelry, and special mattress pads. Electromagnetic therapy uses electrically charged therapeutic magnets, which form an electromagnetic field.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most frequently stated application for magnetic therapy. This is what led to the growth of magnetic bracelets and jewelry. Do magnetic bracelets work? There is very little evidence to actually suggest that magnets can affect pain in any way, but some studies suggest that applying static field magnetic therapy may potentially reduce pain symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.


Insomnia is a surprisingly common issue in the country. While a lack of sleep can leave you physically tired, extended periods of sleep deprivation or bad quality sleep can lead to some serious physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, while also potentially harming those around you.

A study on patients with insomnia found that impulse magnetic field therapy may be beneficial in reducing symptoms and supporting healthy sleep.