These are all excellent understandings of sustainability and recognizing the need, but what does sustainability have to do with it? We know we want to be sustainable, don't we, but we often don't know what that means. 

They are described in more detail below, but mostly have to do with your emotional health, how well you focus on yourself, how well you focus on the outside world and deal with the world, your resilience skills, and what the Sustainability Center calls "Confidence." You can also get information about the resilience assessment through various online sites.

resilience assessment

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Emotional health

A topic that has been written about for a long time in recent years. It is one of the key building blocks for success in any field because if we are not emotionally healthy, we will struggle to maintain control over the ups and downs of life.

Being resilient means who you were before stepping into the odds and getting to know yourself, your strengths, and your support resources. What matters is how healthy you are physically and mentally and how you deal with your previous life experiences. 

How you react when you are ousted also affects sustainability; the use of logic and adaptability to handle problems well is very important. The ability to laugh at something is also useful. 

After the event, put everything in perspective, see the big picture, then it's important to add "survival experiences" to your business that will be added to the next event.