Planning your dream pool can be harder than it first seems. Consider your options and obligations before breaking ground, and your inground pool construction will proceed swimmingly.

There aren't many features in a home that can provide such a sense of excitement and fun as an in-ground or outdoor swimming pool. It can transform any dull backyard into a sun-soaked oasis that is loved by everyone of all age groups.

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In-ground pools are the most both money and time, their appeal isn't going to slow down anytime shortly. Based on the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, there are more than 5 million in-ground pools throughout the U.S, and nearly 200,000 new pools are created every year.

So, if you're keen to go for it and, essentially, purchase an in-ground pool, here are the steps you can take to make sure that you have the ideal pool for your home and family.

Pool Types

There are three major types of inground swimming pools. In order of their popularity, they are vinyl-lined concrete and fiberglass. In small areas in the United States, you could also see pools with aluminum or steel walls.

Concrete pools are built to order and can be made in virtually any shape, size, or depth. These are typically referred to as Gunite or Shotcrete pools because concrete is poured from the gun onto steel-reinforced walls.

Vinyl pools are made from a preformed flexible liner that fits into the excavated hole. It’s secured to a reinforced frame made of steel, aluminum, or non-corrosive polymer.