Mintos is one of the largest P2P lending platforms in Europe. Since entering the crawling market in early 2015, it has grown to become the largest platform of its kind. At the time of writing, they have over 382,000 registered investors from 62 countries. They have branches on several continents and create jobs for more than 180 employees.

However, they continue to expand their business and hire more people to meet the demand for their products.

One of the reasons why Mintos review & Bonus manages to attract so many investors to its platform may be due to the low minimum investment of 10 euros.

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This is very reassuring for investors as it allows you to try out the platform for very little money. In 2020, Mintos released the news that it was crowdfunding, which means that investors can now become part owners of the platform.

The crowdfunding campaign taking place on Crowdcube and Mintos raised €6,550.06 from 6,147 investors with an initial estimate of €68,000,000. So it's clear that Mintos is a very legitimate and valuable company.

A simple example of how the Mintos market works:

Let's say you run a lending business and want to grow, but you need more available cash – that's the situation for loan developers Mintos.

Then, as the head of the lending company, you decide to let someone else invest in your loan. For this purpose, you have contacted Mintos to get your loan on the market.

After Mintos conducts thorough due diligence and ensures that your lending company is financially sound, well managed, and offers great credit, Mintos decides to accept your company as a lender.

Then, when an investor invests in your loan, your lending company gets more money to add new loans to grow your business.