In the early '90s, home buyers began heading out into a new direction to find a home. It provides information, or at least held the promise, comfort, and most importantly of all – it provides anonymity! The only problem is, in the early 90's they are just not a lot of information out there when it comes to real estate and homes for sale.

Realtors began to capture and came to the concept of "Virtual Tours". Realtors want to give potential home buyers, at least those who use the Internet, how to get around the house from the comfort of their computer. They provide little in the way of information because it is what realtors care and do not want to give up easily. You can know more about virtual tours through

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A virtual tour began appearing on the internet. The first incarnation of the virtual tour is called basically a page on the Internet that has a picture of the front of the house and maybe some interior photos. It evolved later into a photo page along with some music. There is more of a wow factor for sellers to see their house to show off this way, but give a little to the buyer.

After a while, the idea of "stitching" Photos progressed to the next logical step. Panorama began to appear that the 360-degrees. This gives buyers a much more realistic impression of the house and the surrounding area.

Realtors may finally deliver on their promise of Virtual Tours. In recent years we have seen a whole site devoted to displaying a list of homes for sale. This gives potential home buyers the most amount of information possible.