The common problem with most perfume is that they have no ability to remain last all day. A wonderful aroma is viewed when applied first thing in the morning, but by mid-day, the power of perfume can begin to diminish or fade away completely. 

On the other hand, there are some things that you can do to create an amazing smell last longer. You can also find out the best long lasting perfumes via so as to get pleasure from a good smell for the full day.

How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make It Last Longer

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Here are some effective steps to make the scent last all day:

Use Moisturizer:

A simple and effective method to extend the smell of perfume is to apply moisturizer first on the non-scented skin and this should be done when you are planning to apply fragrances. A lotion based skin holds the smell of the scent for a longer period of time. This step may not be necessary for those who have naturally oily skin.

Apply To Pulse Points:

The best area of the body to apply perfume to the effectiveness of long-lasting is the pulse points. This relates to the part of the body where the heartbeat is felt. The body is able to withstand the fragrance because of the warmth of the blood. Common area to apply perfume included in the wrists, behind the ears, the lower part of the throat, behind the knees and on the inside of the elbow.

Do Not Rub:

Avoid rubbing perfume when applying to the skin. Many people believe it helps to rub fragrance into the skin to help with deploying and heating it. However, it is not an effective action if it hopes to keep the beautiful aroma for the long term. Rubbing aroma molecules strike had a negative impact, which means the scent is lost to the air.