The government, research institutions and the medical industry have a complex network of research laboratories that work on research and development all the time.

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These laboratories explore discoveries in chemistry and biology to broaden our understanding of specific connections on both subjects and to make important new discoveries that have an extraordinary impact on medicine and science.

Important work, which can include everything from hunting, curing cancer to answering questions about certain types of insects and various chemicals and equipment needed by technicians in such laboratories, poses a threat to public safety.

 Laboratory technicians don't only know how to work effectively with laboratory equipment, they also need to follow some basic safety tips that protect them and their laboratory partners from danger.

Basic security

    Always wear safety goggles that are approved in the laboratory. There may be dangerous smoke on any tie that can sting or damage the eye.

    Keep the laboratory organized and clean.

    Wear gloves that are suitable for every material you handle.

    Always wear a lab coat to protect clothing and skin exposed to harmful chemicals.

    Never run to the laboratory.

    Do not allow dirt or buildup to block the corridor or the emergency exit.

    Make sure you communicate effectively with your laboratory partners. Let them know what you are doing and take care when transporting hazardous material.