Summertime is rapidly approaching and that means children and adults will be heading to the pool and the sea. When you're looking for a children's swimwear, keep the following tips.

1) Fit is everything. Do you want to take your child with you to try on some swimwear you purchase, you must find a suit that fits your child perfectly.

The elastic band which surrounds the foot cannot be too tight or they will cause a rash. You do not want a suit that is too loose because it can tear easily. You can also buy kid’s swimwear via

2) Baby swimsuits are another matter. Keeping your baby protected from the sun is the main concern, and the baby swimwear you choose can help you do this better than lotions or sun creams on the market.

Do not forget a hat when buying a swimsuit. The sun can be harsh on your baby's skin and a hat can protect your face and head. With babies have thin hair like the beginning, their heads are prone to sunburn.

Most baby hats come with a rubber band to help keep in head. Waterproof diapers are another important part of the baby swimsuits that should not be overlooked.

3) Sun Protection. While we like to think that suntan lotion will do the trick, the sun is a powerful enemy. It can burn right through the thin bathing suits. UV kid’s swimwear is the perfect solution for sun piercing through the suit and burn your child's skin.