Organizing a kid's birthday party is all about having great ideas. So, make the most out of the ideas! Make sure you have a peek at all of the suggestions for the kids’ party!
• 1st Birthday – 1 1/2 hours would be the maximum for a child's party at this age. Arrange food according to kids if they are small and would love sweets and yummy cake.  Don’t forget to decorate according to the color combination.  You can also visit Indoor Playground In Thornhill at Zone4Teens for Kids Birthday Party.
You may take lots of pictures of this birthday boy/girl and guests but do not forget to take photos of the cake and decorations. It is a fantastic idea to take photos before the party begins. You need evidence of that hard work!
• 2nd Birthday- You can always have a cupcake Party, Circus, Unicorn. You can also arrange music; children love music at this age.
Play popular toddler songs they will realize and see the children dance! 2 hours would be the maximum. Plan the celebration around your children's character. You may invite friends, relatives, and cousins.
• 3rd Birthday- Let him/her select the theme or make invitations. At this age kids like being helpful. Get the theme right; an ancient to mid-afternoon party is nice. By late afternoon the tots are often getting cranky. 
At this age, you can think about live entertainment. Another fantastic birthday celebration idea is to dress up! Children love to dress up in this era. Supply an area with a few old clothing the tots can perform within. They'll love this action.