Sportspersons and athletes wear branded shoes not only for their matches but also during their practice. They look out for shoes that are comfortable and a perfect fit. There is no need to mention that Nike is a popular name. If you want to buy Nike shoes online, visit websites like Nextonkicks.

While the shoes are worn by famous personalities they even build products for regular people as well. Sneakers are famous footwear amongst athletes and artists. 

Below discussed are some unusual things you didn't know about Nike air max '90s:


Nike is famous for its functional design and not because it is promoted by famous people. People find them extremely comfortable and have a good fitting. Each pattern is designed keeping in mind the actions and movements of the particular sport. Hence there are different styles of footwear for basketball players and tennis players.


Nike footwear is known for their comfort and the safeguarding feature they offer to their wearer. When you wear them and are involved in an intense workout you will never feel your feet hurt. However, the soles of the Nike shoes are comfortable and the ankles and heels are safeguarded.


It is not always about the size when it comes to Nike shoes. The shoes are built with not just the right size in mind but also the weight. This is why you will find that the shoes for basketball players are lighter than the shoes for football players. When such details are noticed, the wearer certainly feels comfortable.