Are your air and furnace conditioning sales suffering because of the same methods of advertising? In the past, thirty years ago, in this business, there were more contractors and a lot less competition, but today it's a completely different tale. Many companies nowadays look for digital marketing experts to grow their business. 

4 HVAC Marketing Strategies For 2020

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Seventy-seven percent of the contractors pay more than half of their marketing budget using Yellow Pages and 81% of their advertisements are rated as having "fair to inadequate" the quality of leads. 

In addition, consider the fact that newspapers or radio ads, flyers, as well as some form of direct advertising, are not as effective as they used to be, and it all makes up the following… Now is the time for us to create a new marketing strategy that is based on the current best methods of marketing that work! 

It's time to think about an extensive and highly effective direct marketing strategy that reaches out to consumers when they require HVAC solutions… Now is the right time to shift our focus to fresh HVAC marketing strategies!

Then, why is it so important to be changing this moment?

According to research, 98% of Canadians who have an internet-connected computer can access the internet go to the Internet Search Engine to research what they'd like to purchase, including research on every aspect of HVAC solutions. But only 36 percent of Canadian companies actually use any kind of online marketing. Of that 36%, only less than 1% of them do it successfully!

The HVAC industry's websites are just online brochures that don't boost sales because they are not based on the most effective strategies for marketing on the internet. Effective internet marketing strategies include research of highly targeted markets and then directing that traffic to our dealer sites , and then turning that traffic into leads and sales.