Electric washing can help keep your deck in top condition while protecting wood from  breakage.

The key to this technology lies in the strategy you use for the power supply, but it can also break your wooden deck! You can also get Power Washing Services & Pressure Cleaning at CURB.PRO.

Since most people don't use Power Washer properly and use it under too much stress, here is the perfect and basic Power Wash Deck guide for anyone who is more helpful in maintaining your deck.

• Gather all the necessary resources to electrically clean your outdoor garden. If you don't have an energy machine, you can rent it for a few days at an affordable price.

• Use plain / cold water instead of hot water to clean your deck as using hot water will often lift the grass which will cause further damage to the deck.

• Do not use household bleach as bleach often leaves a residue that prevents the seals from penetrating.

• Do not leave the washing solution on the wood for more than 15 seconds as it dries and leaves a residue.

• If you have a lot of dust and cleaning dust, use an additional tool as a floor brush when cleaning. Use a pressure washer with a minimum of 1500 psi.

Use the lowest possible voltage while remaining efficient. As a concept, try never to get closer than 30cm from the wooden deck unless you are low voltage.