They are small and decorative faux fur throw pillows that are usually placed on sofas, beds, armchairs, garden chairs, sofas to organize space for various occasions, holidays, or just for an unusual look for an ordinary day. 

Decorative faux fur throw pillows are usually used to add color accents to the room. They serve both artistic and functional purposes. You can also find the best faux fur throw pillow online via


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Faux fur throw pillows can be designed in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs and desires. Common shapes are rectangles and squares, other common shapes are heart shapes, oval shapes, horseshoe shapes, and more. The most common pillow sizes are 16 to 18 square inches.

The thickness of a decorative pillow depends entirely on the lining and therefore the choice of a suitable fabric is a very important decision. If you are using sheer silk-based material, it is always advisable to add an extra linen pad to make the lining stronger. 

Faux fur throw pillows can have a removable cover with a soft fleece pillow stuffed on the inside. Inner pillows are usually not washable but can be dry cleaned. 

The cover can be removed and washed if it is made of pure cotton and does not use gemstones or similar materials. You can even search online for more information about faux fur throw pillows.