Hair extensions are usually attached to your hair in several alternative ways, together with tubing, gluing, clipping, and sewing on. Hair extensions are used in different ways and have different benefits. The strategy you choose can rely on various factors like your hair, your lifestyle, your budget, and your desires, for starters. If you're craving for a real-looking, long hair extension you can search them online.

Hair extensions are usually practiced in various ways: hot or fusion. Hot bonding uses hot glue to connect extensions to your hair. This is an additional traditional methodology whereas extensions attached to real hair with glue and it causes the extensions to feel natural and stiff. These extensions will last up to five months. To know more about hair extensions visit

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Cold fusion is a new method and is meant to be gentle with the hair. This method uses a keratin-based polymer to connect extensions to the root. As this process practices no heat, it is suitable for thin or fine hair.

The polymer gives more versatility than hot glue and returns in more real-looking hair. For cold fusion extensions, several hairdressers practice extensions and a distinct bond. These extensions can last up to eight months.

Fusion hair extensions are unit more pricey than other ones. If you would like long, real-looking pretty hair, they only may well be the extensions for you.