Floor wipes are sections of fabric that are designed to be attached to a cleaning apparatus to wipe or mop floors.

 floor cleaning wipes

Large floor cleaning wipes have several benefits. These include being able to fit over most large brooms, be folded and re-used over larger areas for spot cleaning, be used wet or dry, and use the desired type of floor cleaning solution. 

Large wet floor wipes have several benefits. 

Large floor wipes can fit over most if not all brooms. This means that the user doesn’t have to purchase a dedicated floor cleaning too to attach the wipes. This makes larger floor wipes better than smaller ones, which will only fit over smaller cleaning tools and brooms. 


They can also be folded and re-used over larger sections if intended to be used for spot cleaning. 


Wet floor wipes are already moistened. 


When used for small cleanups, floor wipes can be folded, meaning they can be used multiple times before being discarded. 

Wet And Dry 

Large floor wipes can come in both wet and dry varieties. 

The dry version of floor wipes is versatile as they can be used to sweep floors as well as mop them. This means that they can pick up the small particles of dust that would otherwise be missed by a broom. These dry floor wipes are also great because the user can tailor their cleaning solution as desired. This is beneficial because antibacterial cleaners can be swapped with generic floor cleaners, depending on the area being cleaned.

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