CEOs can actively train new hires from scratch – not reactively after they stumble. New managers who aren't fully integrated in six months are rarely integrated. Much has changed in today's global business environment, but relationships are more important than ever. 

Create onboarding documents for Networking and building relationships between new employees at your company are critical to their short and long-term success – and yours. Take any opportunity or excuse within the first six months of your new leaders to get them on a plane to meet and get to know other global leaders.

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Participation is a shared responsibility between your company and the newly hired CEO. This role requires special resources, attention, and structure for each critical business function. The primary orientation for recruits will not diminish at the contractor level. 

Transitions are more complex, come with high risk, and must be handled and managed appropriately. The good news is getting new leaders isn't complicated. It takes time, effort, and attention, but as proactive organizations are discovering today, on many levels, it is much easier and less expensive to take a calculated approach than to face the consequences without one.

By using the data to determine if your company's goals and expectations are in line with the applicant's goals and expectations. This is important during the interview process. If seizures do occur, this is especially important when you are recruiting candidates.