Human Insulin Pre-Coated ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kit is a solid phase immunoassay specially made to quantify Human Insulin using a 96-well strip plate that's pre-coated using an antibody specific for nourishment. The discovery antibody is an HRP conjugated antibody specific for nourishment.

The capture antibody is a monoclonal antibody in mouse, the discovery antibody is monoclonal antibody from mouse.  The apparel is analytically supported with ready to use reagents.  To quantify Individual Insulin, add samples and standards into the wells, then add the HRP conjugated detection antibody. You can buy high-quality insulin ELISA kits at Boster Bio.


TMB is substrate to HRP and will be catalyzed to generate blue colour merchandise, which transforms into yellowish after adding acidic stop alternative.  Along with the substrate, the grade of the yellow merchandise is linearly propotional to Human Insulin in the sample.

The Human Insulin ELISA kit is a tool used for the quantitative measurement of individual Insulin and Proinsulin in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and pee. It is used to ascertain individual insulin and pro-insulin concentration in serum and HAMECs (human adrenal microvascular endothelial cells) that were isolated from individual visceral fat of nondiabetic patients. 

The Individual insulin solid-phase sandwich ELISA is intended to assess the total amount of the object bound involving a paired antibody pair. A target-specific antibody was pre-coated from the wells of their provided microplate. Insulin deficiency leads to diabetes mellitus, among the top causes of morbidity and mortality in the general populace.