It is important to have a file destruction process that matches your business practices and criteria.

The law requires all businesses to have adequate procedures for disposing of all records containing the personal information of your customers and employees. Perth's best document destruction provider can be found online.

Development of guidelines and document destruction procedures

1. Business Practices and Standards – Protecting your business starts with knowing the regulatory principles that govern your business. Learn more about your business document destruction policy requirements.

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2. Select a method for destroying the document.

On-site destruction service: Many companies require that personal files on websites be destroyed. In the phone book, you can find reputable companies offering this service in your area.

Off-Site Shredder Services: There are many off-site shredder companies that will visit your organization and collect files for cutting. They also offer you a certificate stating that the files were properly destroyed.

3. Create a Document Destruction Record – If your company is ever asked to provide a destroyed document and you are unable to provide evidence of destroying the record, you will be fined. Protect your business by documenting the destruction date of files containing personal information.

4. Document your scope and processing – keep a record-breaking system you set up for your business. Distribute this information to all your employees. Review the policies and processes with your staff every six months to ensure proper implementation.