Spammers and hackers create many problems on the web, as everyone is aware. The internet tends to become a more dangerous place to work each day as more and more people are getting online. At the same time, it is necessary for businesses to work online due to the demand from their customers to do so. Not having a website could result in the loss of many sales for any organization today.

As companies begin work online, regardless of their size, they find that there is a great need to use online identity verification services to be certain that the person placing the order is the owner of the credit card or at least an authorized user. There are options available that can provide online identity verification services without being a long process that will cause the customer to leave the site.

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Businesses today are finding that the best online identity verification services use an offline method of confirming who they are dealing with. Using a telephone service, they create a PIN for their customer which is sent to the customer through SMS text message or a voice call to the number which is provided. While email verification has shown some merit for this type of service, it is far too easy to create an email address that may or may not be that of the person who owns the credit card.

For this reason, many are switching to telephone services that are difficult to circumvent for the spammers and hackers today. They will not usually provide their own telephone number as this makes it easy for them to be traced. As a result, using this type of online identity verification service has resulted in a substantial reduction in online fraud.