Cigars are becoming as popular as wine tasting. Cigar clubs have been set up at a quick pace. A growing number of restaurants boast menus of cigars. Nearly everyone loves cigars, either they smoke a buck or dollar quantity of cigars.

There are various forms of cigars, but every cigar is made up of two principal elements that make its smoking and taste characteristics. First is the cigar wrapper. Another is the cigar's style. 

Wrappers the cigar wrappers are usually categorized by their own color.o Candela – also known as the American Market Choice, is a somewhat greenish and incredibly light in colour. You can take cuba cigar factory excursion  if you want to know brief about how cigars are manufactured and about their nuances.

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  • Claro – pale tan or yellow in colour
  • Colorado Claro – light brown, also known as English Market Selection, Colorado Reddish brown
  • Maduro – brown to nearly black (also known as Spanish Market Selection)
  • Oscuro – black and frequently have an oily appearance

Cigar Styles: Cigars are generally categorized by their shape and size, which collectively are called vitola. The most usual form of this cigar is the parejo, that includes a cylindrical body and a round cap. The parejos comprise the next vitolas.

Robusto also Called Rothschild

  • Panatela
  • Petit Corona
  • Corona

Another kind of cigar based on its shape is called figurados. Figurados are irregularly-shaped cigars that are sometimes considered of high quality because they're more challenging to make. Figurados comprise the following:

  • Pyramide – it is somewhat like a parejo except that the cap is pointed out.
  • Perfecto – includes a bulky mid and narrow at both ends.