To keep your commercial areas free from bugs and germs, you need to maintain a good level of hygiene. And even though this is an important task for you and your staff, it can be tough to determine the best commercial misting systems for your needs. But with this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about commercial misting systems – so you'll be able to find one that fits your business!

What is a commercial misting system?

A commercial misting system is a device used to disperse water droplets over a large area. They are commonly used in agricultural settings to control pests and diseases, as well as improve crop yields. A misting system also has applications in forestry and horticulture.

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Pros of a Commercial Misting System:

A commercial misting system can quickly cool large areas, helping to prevent injuries or outbreaks.

Commercial misting systems can also disinfect and sanitize large areas quickly and effectively. This is important in settings like hospitals or schools, where infection control is critical.

A commercial misting system can use less energy than other cooling methods, which can save money on your utility bill.

Commercial misting systems have the ability to vary the climate in buildings almost infinitely, which helps decrease the concentration of allergens in that environment.

Another great benefit of commercial misting systems is their ability to keep workers dry while they work or even outdoors during inclement weather conditions.  

When it comes to size, most systems come in two varieties: large and small. The large systems are typically best suited for use in large areas such as warehouses or factories. The small systems are perfect for use in smaller areas such as greenhouses or retail stores.