Many business professionals say that they don't like the sound of their voices. They want to change their voice and change the way people feel about them. In fact, a college student recently wrote that he has "a soft-spoken voice and others think of him as weak and unassertive."

When people want to change their voice, it says to me that their conscious mind has decided to reprogram their subconscious speaking behavior.

They have decided to take control of their subconscious by asking it to become aware of the speaking skills needed to speak easily and clearly and confidently. However, you can also use speech analytics tools at

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Given a new awareness and the time to practice speaking skills, the subconscious is perfectly willing to get on board. You can reprogram your speaking pattern and habits permanently.

Another example is a male whose voice tone is very easily affected by his mood of feeling totally overwhelmed on a daily basis, he stated that it is very difficult, almost impossible, for him to sound continually engaging when dealing with co-workers and clients.

The speaking skills of inflection and modulation were the tipping point for him to change his long-standing speaking pattern and the associated disempowering belief that it wasn't really necessary for him to connect with the person to whom he was speaking.

We all need to get serious about taking hold of our subconscious programs. The programs that no longer serve us and were given to us before we could consciously choose for ourselves.