Whether you're looking for a kids' bookcase that will look great in your child's room or are in a pinch for space, there are many options out there. IKEA, KidKraft, Pottery Barn, ECR4Kids, and more offer a range of options that will suit your child's unique style.


The IKEA kids' bookcase seen at https://www.childrensspace.uk/kids-furniture/childrens-bookcases/ features a house form, which is both functional and eye-catching. Its two shelves are sized for books, with a triangular shelf below for coloring pages. This piece is also available in a cozy traditional bookcase, complete with wavy aprons. Both the girls' and boys' versions feature two shelves and a rectangular top.

The IKEA Leka bookcase as seen on childrensspace.uk comes in primary colors, but you can customize it by painting it white or black and decorating it with colorful felt decorations. You can also modify an IKEA Kallax bookcase to make it look like a bakery counter with a felt cake display. For a more rustic look, add PVC pipes and a vinyl awning to give the bookcase a more rustic feel.


The KidKraft kids' bookcase is an impressive piece of furniture that features a beautiful design. Made from manufactured wood, it is sturdy and provides ample storage space for books and toys. It has a closed back panel for easy cleaning. It can be assembled with a minimal amount of effort and is a great option for smaller children.

KidKraft also offers several styles of kids' toy storage units. This includes the KidKraft Avalon, a tall bookcase that has an overhanging top, making it a great place to display trophies, standup dolls, or finished model airplanes. It is available in three basic colors and is large enough to accommodate any type of children's book.

Pottery Barn

A stylish, modern bookcase is the perfect addition to any child's room. Pottery Barn Kids offers bookcases in many different styles and silhouettes. These stylish pieces can help to clear clutter from the playroom floor and can provide extra storage for your child's bedroom. This bookcase is available in a variety of colors and materials.

This bookcase is made from solid wood and MDF, which lends strength and durability. It also features a tongue-and-groove construction for a more stable structure. This bookcase can be used as a storage solution for multiple books and toys. It has sturdy wood construction and comes in trendy colors.


ECR4Kids kids' bookshelf offers a stylish, versatile solution for storing books. This wood-framed unit has easy-to-reach shelves and five storage compartments. The sturdy hardwood frame is made to stand up to kid's activeness. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

The bookcase can be positioned vertically or horizontally, allowing parents to easily add to it as the child gets older. The shelves are easy to insert into slots, and the whole unit is built to last. It is made of birch plywood and stands at 41.7 inches tall.

Elephant shaped bookcase

An Elephant shaped kids' bookcase is a great way to add a cute touch to your child's room. It features three shelves and nine cubbies for plenty of storage. The cubbies can be lined with toy bins or filled with books. This beautiful bookcase is sure to be the center of attention in your child's room.


The FLISAT kids' bookcase features two different book storage options. One of the book ledges is at a child's height for easy reading. The other is designed so books are displayed to the fullest. The FLISAT bookcase is also easy to move from a reading corner to a bedside table.

This bookcase is ideal for children as young as three years old. It is designed to be placed on the floor, but it can also be mounted on the wall if necessary. It has several storage options, and a shelf for books and games. It's made of solid pine wood and is finished in a transparent acrylic lacquer.


If you're a parent looking to buy a kids' bookcase for your child, Homary has a range of high-quality items. Its products come with a warranty and are made by leading global manufacturers. You can browse its selection of items or apply for a financing plan.

You can choose from four different colors for Homary's kids' bookcase. Its 13 shelves are perfect for books. Its bright colors and open storage provide plenty of space to store books and other items. It also comes with a tip restraint kit.