It's your five-year-old birthday next week. Are you planning the same boring party game? Why not add a little splash, fun, and color? It won't cost you a lot of money and it will also be one of the most memorable birthdays hits your child will ever experience. How to make a child's birthday fun? Here are three ideas to help you.

1. Splash Pools

You can also rent a pool which is also inflatable. They are perfect for birthday parties. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and provide a refreshing change from children's birthday parties. Imagine how happy the kids would be if everyone sprayed and had fun together. 

2. Musical chair

Musical chairs never lose their charm, even though it's a game they've enjoyed for centuries. Adults and kids can enjoy this fantastic game together and have fun. Winners receive big prizes! You will have one of the best moments in life playing this game with your child.

3. Run with egg and spoon

Egg and Spoon Race is one of the best games out there! Though expect a lot of chaos when the kids spawn to reach the winner's post. You may want to play this with older kids, but you can always race or let them compete with younger kids.

This year, make sure your child enjoys all these fun activities on his special day. Ask your children for ideas for planning their play and they will be happy to help.