Cycle clothing is not just for professional cyclists. The benefits of wearing cycling gear are innumerable. Cycling shorts and tights are some of the most common gear worn by cyclists. Cycling clothes reduce the discomfort of riding a bike for a longer period and frequently. 

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Cycling clothes are made up of light-weight materials that do not add extra weight to your cycling experience. Long tights are lined with insulating material to keep you warmer in the cold weather. These have water repellent qualities as well.

Headwear is another essential gear designed to ensure safety. Bike helmets come in all sizes and designs for all ages. Especially for commuter bikers who travel on busy roads and for cyclists who travel fast, a bike helmet is a crucial accessory. These reduce head injuries in the event of an accident.

Bicycle gloves avoid chafing, road vibration on the hands. Rubbery gripping palms of certain gloves are ideal for a perfect grip in slippery conditions. Gloves are useful to keep your hands warm and a precaution against serious skin abrasions. So with all these accessories you can have a safe bike ride.