In-ground trampolines are safer than above-ground trampolines because they have a net that encloses the area. The net is designed to prevent falls from high heights and will catch you when you start to fall, preventing any injuries.

top in ground trampolines that are installed into the ground, making them much safer than their above-ground counterparts. Above-ground trampolines can pose a serious danger to children and adults alike, as they can easily tip over when jumped on. 

In-ground trampolines, on the other hand, are much more stable and are less likely to tip over. Additionally, in-ground trampolines are usually surrounded by a soft material such as grass or sand, which helps to cushion any falls.

In-ground trampolines are often thought to be safer than their above-ground counterparts and for good reason. In-ground trampolines are less likely to tip over, and the risk of falling off is greatly reduced.

Additionally, the frame of an in-ground trampoline is typically buried several feet below ground level, making it much less accessible to young children who might otherwise be tempted to climb on top.

There are many reasons why someone would want to use an in-ground trampoline over an above ground one. In-ground trampolines are most often used in professional settings such as gymnastics facilities or ninja training centers.

They can also be found in some public parks. The main reason people use in-ground trampolines is that they are significantly safer than their above ground counterparts.