The most typical upper back pain causes are irritation or swelling of the muscle tissue or ligaments that encompass the spine. This in turn could possibly be brought on by a variety of factors:

• Bad posture, particularly while seated or using a laptop or computer.

• Repetitive strain in those who are continuously moving their arms or upper back in a particular way, frequently because of their job (e.g. some construction workers or production line workers).

• Strain of the muscles as a result of weakness, particularly in old age or in those who have been bedridden and not able to exercise.

Other upper back pain causes comprise of issues with the joints in the spine or a compression fracture of the vertebra. The latter is a break in the bone which can be brought on by an accident such as a car crash, fall or sports injury, or may be because of osteoporosis, especially in-post menopausal women. 

Some people are getting relief with CBD products. Now here is where the confusion starts. Should you take a cream an ointment or cbd drops? If you can afford it then you should use both. The cbd hemp cream will be good for getting directly to the pain area while the cbd oil drops are better at targeting the bodies all over inflammation and can have a longer lasting affect versus the topical creams.