If you are interested in mounting your TV on a wall, there are a few details to consider. Even if you plan to have it installed by a professional company that offers this service, you should first think about where to place it. You'll need to consider details like the best height for it, the best place for less glare, and the routing of your cables.

The best place on the wall for most TVs is eye level, so think about how high your eyes are when you're sitting on the couch. Setting it too high or too low can cause neck strain with any TV while placing it at eye level offers more comfort and an overall better viewing experience. 

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If you think it looks too low compared to the rest of the wall, you can raise it up, but you'll need to move the sofa back for the best viewing experience. 

Avoiding glare is another desire of most people interested in installing a TV. If you already have it installed and just noticed the problem, you can try to fix it by closing the curtains or moving the lights to another location. 

However, you can prevent glare from appearing by looking where you want it before placing the TV and making sure there is no more glare. If you plan to use a rotating stand, you can change the angle slightly to avoid glare, which means you can skip this step.

These are some basic details to consider before installing the TV. This can be time-consuming so you can hire professional companies to install the TV.