Foot orthotics are commonly used to treat numerous foot disorders. The actual scientific research is that they are generally effective and they also work usually to help people with a range of different foot conditions. Even with that success there are many people and health professionals who don't approve of foot orthotics, occasionally calling them crutches and to be avoided as people could become dependant on their use. Because of this they advocate against using foot orthotics and suggest options. There are various of solutions which can be used if an educated decision is made by each person in regards to what is the best for them. One choice is muscle strengthening. The muscles that support the arch of the foot can be strengthened and reconditioned to support the arch. The only problem with this approach is that it will not be something which is going to occur in the short term and is much more of a long term option. This could be a dilemma if there is a lot of discomfort present and a short term solution is required.

One more option is to use flip flops which have the arch support built into the design. You can find numerous brands available on the market with the Archies Arch Support Thongs being one of the more widely used. They are termed “thongs” because that is what they name flip flops in Australia that is where these are made. You can find numerous jokes about that vocabulary difference. The Archie thongs  has a 2.2 centimetre arch built into them that is very similar to what you'll get in most pre-fabricated foot orthotics. They are turning out to be highly regarded with podiatrists in Australia with numerous podiatry centers promoting them. This is an alternative which is in line with those that choose to use that style of footwear as a lifestyle option as foot supports will limit the range of footwear which they can use.