With the advent of high-resolution multi-megapixel digital cameras with lots of options, and software that will turn your family photos into something art galleries crave, product photography seems like the right choice for everyone. 

But the reality is that commercial photography has so much to offer, don't just approach a product launch, pull out the camera, take some aesthetically pleasing photos, transfer them to your computer for cropping. 

You need to make the necessary changes and then throw them on your online profile to sell your product. Getting professional imagery for your listing is all about selling a product, but it's very different from simply photographing your product and believing that it's enough to sell it.


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In other words, imagine you have a great product and you give it to a seller to promote through a door-to-door marketing process. Your fragile salesperson will soon reach the first door to call and wait, product in hand or pocket. The door opens and you can see the seller. The seller also noticed it. 

Nothing special happened. The seller then took out the product and walked over to the person who last looked at the seller in confusion before closing the door. It's time for the seller to approach the house next door.

The problem is, simply showing potential customers what a product looks like is rarely enough to get them to pay the price and buy it. Product photography has to work harder, but it's a reality that most people don't realize.