It is a risky business to hire movers that offer great deals but can't provide the documentation or background information necessary to prove they are licensed and have the expertise and experience that you require in professional moving companies. These are the steps to follow before you sign a contract with any moving company.

1. Do not trust any moving company that promises a fixed price over the phone or online. Each move is unique and the price of your move will depend on many factors. The mover must conduct an in-home consultation to provide an accurate quote that will not change. You should not hire them if they refuse to do this.

2. You can search online for a household moving company. Any reputable mover should have a website, a local phone number, and a professional facility within the area. If you want to hire the #1 residential moving company in Palmdale, California, then you can search the web.


Moving services should offer more than just a truck and some workers. They may not have a local storage facility or office, so you shouldn't trust them with your belongings.

You can check the company with the Better Business Bureau or the state's moving company associations. You can find them online and call them for information about any company that you are interested in. You can also search online for testimonials and reviews about the company. You can remove them from your list if you don't find any information or negative feedback.