It doesn't matter if you are working in woodworking, metal refinishing, or auto body repair. But one tool is essential to these shops and it is often taken for granted. The lowly sandpaper is what we're referring to. 

Sandpaper is essential for everything, from penetrating the substrate to smoothing out chips or painting old surfaces. Sandpaper is an essential tool for preparing a surface that will allow new paint to adhere. You can also look for the best sandpaper in NZ via


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The newer automotive sandpapers have a plastic backing. This makes them more suitable for waterborne paints. Painters need to refinish cars that have coatings such as urethane paint. An abrasive with a harder, sharper, and longer-lasting edge is what's required. Wetting sandpaper for automotive refinishing is highly recommended. This is because it helps to remove the grit and abraded surfaces. 

This grit, also known as swarf in technical terms, can clog the sandpaper and force the worker to change the sandpaper less often in a dry environment. Labor costs are the most expensive item in auto body repairs. 

Sandpaper is like most things: you get what you pay for. While lighter paper, cheaper glues, and softer minerals may be less expensive, the tradeoff of more time, labor, and materials can make it more expensive for auto body shops.