Improvement, progress, and modernization; have altogether changed the face of dentistry and the work of the dentists too. Yes, today the dentist is far more than just someone who can pull teeth. Let's have an idea on the page below about a general dentist in San Antonio.

A big thanks to all the advances in technology, which are still giving us new areas of dentistry and making an approach to such an expert easier for all of us. Cosmetic dentistry is one similar exploration, which is far wider and has become an important part of the job of General dentists in San Antonio. 

Do you agree that we only go to a general dentist for most problems related to our teeth and mouth? It is because we know that general dentists are trained in all the techniques and the procedures that are needed to clean and repair any condition of the mouth be it teeth or the gums or the gum line. Some of the most common reasons for which we see general dentists are:


This is one of the most common mouth problems that affect people from all age groups, from children to elders. If we have a cavity, we sincerely make an appointment with a general dentist, he eliminates the bad tissues, cleans the affected area, and fills it with a new filling (metal or tooth) so that the cavity or infection does not occur again.

Repairing of teeth

In case, you get a hit on your teeth or it has accidentally broken or you are losing a filling, the only person you will decide to approach is a general dentist, correct? He will do a refilling or provide the affected area with a cap.