Hammertoes and other relevant toe contractions are ailments due to abnormal forces acting on the muscles which control the positioning of your feet. Seen in people with both flat feet and high arches, the more stress put on the leg by the strange arch posture causes a big change in the standing of the feet over time.

This toe posture is fundamentally inherited since the arch posture is inherited, representing an imbalance between muscles that pull the feet up and muscles that pull down the toes. Get hammertoe treatment in Baltimore from #1FAMILY PODIATRIST CLINIC according to your foot problem.


Treatment can merely consist of padding to secure the toe and feet, as well as regular trimming of the corns. Padding will come in several sizes and shapes, however, the best type is apparently elastic sleeves using gel over the bottom. These pads only slide the feet and behave as a sock to pad and cover skin.

Orthotics in a few instances can restrain the progression of the toe contraction, but never make any arch or shoe aid store fool you into believing orthotics can cure hammertoes. Permanent correction may only be reached through surgical operation to straighten the feet and also remove any bone.

Frequently other procedures can be also utilized to rebalance tight thickly placed soft tissues, and sometimes a barbell from the base of the toe is directly moved into the surface to rebalance the bending force on the toe part.

For every kind of foot problem, you can take help from the best podiatrists in Baltimore. Whether you are facing hammertoe, corns, diabetic foot, bunions, and other severe problems. Baltimore foot doctors can prescribe you the best medications for a long time.