Name tags and labels with a unique twist are a little hard to find. I would say that 98% of people work in hotels, medical offices, restaurants, and dental offices are standard. If you're wearing something to promote yourself or your business, I think creative custom name tags are the perfect way to do this. You can visit to have look at some custom magnetic name tags.

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When you tell someone your name via a name tag, hope they see it and make a connection between those words and whoever they are talking to. 

What am I talking about in the world you ask? Here is an example. In the decorating years of the 1920s and most of the 1950s, even everyday items had a creative or artistic look. Workers don't just put simple stitches on a building. 

Prints have rolls and sometimes designs serve to create interesting patterns. Even fuse boxes in people's homes are attractive! 

When I see a simple cheap plastic badge with a name on it, I wonder why the company bothered to create one for its employees. At least put your logo there! A unique name tag can tell a lot more about you than just your name.

But there is much you can do. You just have to think a little outside the box.

Here are a few ideas:

• Stainless steel or brass plates instead of plastics

• Badges with artistic or unusual additions

• User-defined badge to display position in company or clinic