As we are preparing for the wet season, Japan arrives as we grieve the loss of the spring's blooms. There is a bright side: the beginning of ume (Japanese plums). They are closer to the apricot, despite their name and possess an unpleasant, sour flavor. No matter whether they're ripe or not the ume should not be consumed in raw form as it can cause stomach pain. You can choose the best umeshu online from

Glass containers, bags of rock sugar, and huge bottles of Shochu (Japanese distillation spirit) (also known as "white liquor" can also be placed around. Ume is used for a variety of purposes for cooking, among them is umeshu, a sugary and tasting liquor made by the infusion of ume into sugar and shochu.

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Although you can buy commercially produced umeshu products, there's something slightly unique about making it yourself. Be prepared to take on the long haul by following this recipe since it takes one year to prepare!

Ingredients & equipment

When you are choosing your bag of ume, you should select a variety of fruit that is green and fresh.

  • 1 kilogram unripe, green ume
  • 700 grams rock sugar
  • 1.8 Liter shochu, also known as "white liquor"
  • Glass jar with 4 liter capacity
  • Toothpicks
  • Directions

Rinse thoroughly and then dry ume. With a toothpick, cut off the remaining stems. Remove any ume that is damaged, blemished, or bruised.